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Flaretot Ltd.
38 Copse Hill
Purley, Surrey
United Kingdom

UAE & UK with selected resellers in the USA, Europe, GCC and Asia
We are committed to :
  • Reducing the number of engineering manhours necessary to complete a project by minimising the amount of interaction between different applications.
  • Reduce costly training man-hours required for a program by making it as clear as possible.
  • Making sure that our software matches current engineering standards and does the job that is says.

  • Network design considering high pipeline flowrates and sonic constraints associated with flare network analysis & design.
  • Flare radiation (including multiple flares), and structural steel temperature rise due to radiation.
  • Basic level pollutant dispersion (gaussian) & specifically dispersion from flares.
  • Advanced relief valve calculations including optimisation of configuration.
  • advanced time dependent blowdown calculations with wall temperature calculations.
  • knock out drum calculations
  • All other basic calculations related to flare networks such as pipeline noise and flare purge rate requirements.
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