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Audit & Review

Flaretot® Professional allows you to conduct horizontal and vertical checks on all major components of the flare system to ensure safe and efficient design.

Design Tool

Flaretot® Professional is a unique and comprehensive software package covering all aspects of flare system design and allows engineers to build a model of the complete flare system, from conceptual design stage to start up of the facilities.
Operating Tool

Flaretot® Professional can be adopted for simulating day to day operations of your flare system.

Download Free Trial
The trial version is a fully functioning version of Flaretot® Professional which may be used for 30 days.

Tutorials & Examples
Tutorials and Examples of the features in Flaretot® Professional are provided to assist you in becoming familiar with using each of the major features included in our software.
Some Features Include...
Rapid Piping Network setup by a GUI interface
Integral Piping Class Estimation
Component Based Physical Properties
Relief Load, Valve Sizing & Case Management
Flare Radiation & Pollutant Dispersion with contour plots
Heating of Structural steel by flare radiation.
Knock out drum sizing
Advanced Vessel/System Depressurisation Models
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